Activities : Internet sales of kitchenware

Number of employees : 47

Entry into capital : 2012

Location : Voreppe / St Marcellin (38)

Finalist for the Ulysses Prize for the best business turnaround, organised by ARE (Association pour le Retournement des Entreprises – Association for Turning-Around Businesses) 2019



Founded in 1989, the company had long been a successful kitchenware catalogue business.
Crippled by high indebtedness and having developed its e-commerce activities too late, the company ended up in receivership in 2012.


LDI accelerated the development of e-commerce, which represents 80% of its turnover and is constantly growing. The company’s own label products have been strongly developed in order to provide customers with a unique offering, and so improve their contribution to the company’s results. Substantial investments have also been made in the IT tool (website, ERP, WMS, etc.) in order, in particular, to increase the reliability and improve the productivity of the logistics chain. All this has resulted in the company becoming sustainably profitable.

Mathilde Creations

ActivitiesActivities : Indoor fragrances and decoration

Number of employees : 50

Entry into capital : 2017

Location : Mâcon (71)



Founded in 2002 by the Orvema Group, the Mathilde M brand took off strongly in France and abroad thanks to its creative “shabby chic” identity, a symbol of a certain French romanticism. Due to its high indebtedness, the company found itself unable to meet its deadlines and finance its WCR, which led to its bankruptcy in 2017.


LDI streamlined the operational and legal organisation in order to adapt the cost structure to turnover. We undertook an in-depth review of the potential of the group’s various brands ((Mathilde M, Orval and Artempo), which resulted in the decision to focus on Mathilde M and update its style while respecting its DNA. We also acquired a beautiful complementary brand, namely Blanc d’Ivoire, which was in decline but had a certain renown and great export potential in the area of furniture and interior textiles.


Activities : Bulk wine merchant

Number of employees : 20

Entry into capital : 2018

Location : Piolenc (84)



Founded in 1899 in Vaucluse (84), the company, Raphaël Michel, has grown by designing custom wines for bottling merchants or food distributors’ own brands.
In the 2010s, it became one of the main bulk wine merchants in France with strong positions in the wines of Languedoc and the Rhône Valley.
Unfortunately, the company had suffered from the consequences of a serious crisis of confidence, which led the company into receivership and forced it to shut down its activity for more than a year.


Thanks to our creative and innovative approach, LDI was able to recommend to the Commercial Court a takeover solution that would reassure a buyer while allowing for the reorganisation of the liabilities of creditors, a large part of which was composed of independent winegrowers for whom a straight liquidation would have had dire financial consequences. We improved the quality and traceability processes in order to restore customer confidence. Finally, we strengthened the grape vinification capacities and developed sales in Europe and for major export.


Activities : Rentals of Paris taxis

Number of employees : 34

Entry into capital : 2012

Location : Paris (75)

Partners : Naxicap Partners



Founded in 1932, the Slota Group specialises in the rental of vehicles and Paris Taxi Parking Permits (taxi licenses), as well as a wide range of additional services.

With the acquisition in 2017 of a taxi school, Slota has become a real one-stop-shop in the taxi business by offering drivers the possibility of training, obtaining a license, together with a new vehicle every year and its maintenance. Over 20 years, Slota has supported nearly 5,000 local customers.


Activities : Manufacturer of hydraulic cylinders

Number of employees : 1000

Entry into capital : 2015

Location : Le Poiré-sur-Vie (85)

Partners : Stags (famille de Philippe Louis-Dreyfus), MAT Holding (family office USA)



Founded in 1971, Septa designs and manufactures hydraulic solutions for the agricultural, cargo handling and construction industries.
The group has a client portfolio composed of major international manufacturers that the company serves on all continents from three manufacturing sites in France, Bulgaria and China.

In 2018, it sold more than 650,000 cylinders for a turnover of over €100 million.


Activities : Ustensiles de cuisine

Entry into capital : 2017

Location : Mumbai (Inde)

Partners : Ravi Saxena, Sanjeev Kapoor, Amicus Capital



Wonderchef is a growing Indian brand of kitchen utensils. It aims to be a high-end market brand, defined by its modern, colourful product lines. The famous and well-known chef, Sanjeev Kapoor, is the brand’s ambassador and one of its main shareholders.

Very present on the Internet, Wonderchef also sells its products in its own shops and in multi-brand shops (modern trade and general trade) throughout India (more than 8,000 outlets).


Activities : Équipementier automobile

Number of employees : 700

Entry into capital : 2017

Location : Lille (59)

Partners : Stags (famille de Philippe Louis-Dreyfus)



Founded in 1958, Dourdin specialises in decorative solutions for the automotive industry. Initially working with adhesive film, the group has diversified its range of products and technologies to offer a wide range of solutions to its customers.
Among other things, Dourdin masters the technologies of adhesive film, chrome plating, metal processing, plastic injection and cast forming.

Dourdin operates in four countries (France, Portugal, Romania and Turkey) and serves both manufacturers and automotive suppliers mainly in the European market.

Dourdin has 700 employees and is managed by Erik Dourdin and his brother, Marc Dourdin.


Activities : reconditioning of mobile telephones

Number of employees : 70

Entry into capital : 2018

Location : Gentilly (94)

Partners : Capza, Creadev (famille Mulliez)



The Recommerce Group, a player in the Circular Economy and a pioneer in the reconditioning of smartphones, was founded in 2009. In 2018, it achieved a turnover of more than €50 million. Operating internationally, Recommerce works with the largest European distributors and with telephone operators in the French, Swiss and Spanish markets.

The team is made up of 70 individuals.
In September 2019, Recommerce joined Next40 (a grouping of the 40 most promising young French companies likely to become world-class technological leaders).

Hotel Rochechouart

Activities : Hotel

Entry into capital : 2018

Location : Paris (75)

Partners : Famille Solanet (Orso Hotels)



The Hotel Rochechouart opened in October 2020 in place of the former Carlton’s hotel, at 55 boulevard de Rochechouart (IXth), just in front of La Cigale, after major renovation and decoration work (carried out by the duo of architects and decorators Festen and the artistic complicity of Adrien Gloaguen).

This 8-storey, 110-room hotel with a roof terrace offering a fine vista of Paris and a 1930s restaurant has all the qualities to become once again, as in the 1920s, a must to visit in Montmartre.